Summer Van Horne
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Hair Color: Blonde
Occupation(s): Executive Assistant for Steve Tanner (former)
Co-manager at The Rock
Other Informations
Interests: God, Jesus Christ, religion of Christianity, faith, church
Series Information
First appearance: "Pilot"
Last appearance: United States
Portrayer: Candace Cameron Bure

Summer Van Horne is Steve Tanner's ex-girlfriend and former assistant. She reveals to Lauren that in high school, before finding God, she slept with lots of boys and came to be known as a slut. After breaking up with Steve, she continues to have a relationship with Lauren and seems to serve as a sort of mother figure for the girl. She is the current manager of The Rock. She is a Christian who lives her life by faith, much to Sasha's amusement and frequent disdain. There is a measure of romantic tension between them that culminates in a kiss, although both agreed the kiss was inappropriate (He loves me, He loves me Not). However, it is evident that the two have feelings for each other but between them it will never work out because of their bif differences, and in the episode "The Great Wall" they share a very passionate kiss in Sasha's trailer. On the episode "And The Rocky Goes To..." Summer drunkenly declares Sasha a "lovable guy". Sasha walks her home and says someday he wants to get married to the right woman and kisses her. After this point, the two appear to be dating. They mutually agreed to break up before Sasha left The Rock temporarily.

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