Sasha Belov (played by Neil Jackson) is the new coach at The Rock, who replaces Marty Walsh after he moves to Denver. Sasha is the only Olympic gymnast to have ever beaten Marty and has four Olympic gold medals. Although he is very tough on his gymnasts, he cares for them profusely and wants them to reach their highest potential. Sasha is shown to be a tough coach, forcing Payson, Emily, Lauren and Kaylie to do a rigorous training exercise as a punishment for attending a party. He is also shown to be very compassionate and caring, comforting Emily's mother at one point and spending a lot of time helping Payson train after her surgery. Sasha had previously trained a group of gymnasts but was forced to quit after a girl died of a head injury on his watch. As a result of this incident, Sasha quit coaching, and consequently The Rock is his first coaching job in over five years. He dates Rock manager Summer for a while, despite their different beliefs. He leaves The Rock in "At the End of the World" because he feels that his presence is hurting the girls. He eventually comes back after Payson, Lauren and Emily visited him in Romania ("Hungary Heart").

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