Ronni cruz
Ronnie cruz
General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Family & Friends
Family: Leo cruz [son]

kaylie Cruz[daughter] Alex Cruz[husband]

Series Information
Portrayer: Rosa Blasi

Ronnie Cruz (played by Rosa Blasi). She reminds Kaylie that real love waits, and not to miss out on her dream as she tends to miss her singing career and how she could have gone further with it. She had an affair with Marty while he was coach of The Rock. When her husband Alex found out, he moved out and filed for divorce. She is Kaylie's co-manager, handling her press. Despite her troubled marriage, Ronnie and Alex still care about each other. When Kaylie goes to rehab for an eating disorder, Ronnie especially puts her heart into helping Kaylie and vows never to let it happen again. In Season 3, she deals with leaving Kaylie as her daughter goes to train at the Olympic Training Center.

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