Rigo talking to Payson Keeler

Rigo is a BMX rider at the USA Training Center in Colorado. He loves to wear knit beanies and has very curly, dark brown hair. Payson claims that he has big, lovable brown eyes as well. He is friends with Brad, who was set up with Payson by Lauren, but when the date got changed, he didn't tell Brad and started dating Payson. When she found out it was a set up they had an argument but they made up and they started dating. Rigo has done a lot for Payson since they started dating like taking her to talk to Dr. Walker about doing a surgery on Lauren for her heart condition. Payson lost her virginity to Rigo in his tent after this road trip. He realized Payson needed Sasha to have faith in her, so called him to help Payson. They were in love. 

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