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A user who I am going to keep anonymous has told me that another user has sent her/him a disrespectful message over chat. I would just like to say that this Wiki has a no tolerance for bullying policy. We're not going to be to strict, for example, you're having a bad day and by accident say something insulting, we won't ban you for that, that would be ridiculous. What we are going to do is three strikes and you're out. I made this blog to give you a bit more understanding about what happens when you're banned, and to say, feel free to let one of us admins know if something's wrong!

What happens when I'm banned?

It doesn't have to be something serious, if you disobey a couple of rules that aren't strongly enforced, you may get a 4 day ban. If you are constantly disobeying our rules, being rude to other users, and just not doing anything right, you may get a permanent ban, but this is very unlikely. I'm not trying to scare any of you, honestly, I just don't want anyone getting hurt.

Tell the admins!

If you have been bullied by another user, please let one of us know!!! This is a serious thing! Or, maybe it wasn't bullying, someone just said something mean, tell us. Also, if you see a user/contributor posting inappropriate or rude comments, that is a strike, so please don't let it slide.

Do I have a strike?

If you're not sure if you have a strike or not, chances are, you don't. We will inform you if you have a strike so that you can control your behavior better. Feel free to ask me if you have one or not, I'll most likely just ask "Have you done anything bad?".