Kelly Parker (portrayed by Nicole Anderson) is the former National Champion, who trains at Denver Elite.

Before Payson's injury, Kelly and Payson were serious rivals. Kelly makes fun of all of The Rock girls, especially Emily.

At Nationals, Kelly places second behind Kaylie Cruz. She is the first to notice how dangerously thin Kaylie is becoming and decides to befriend her to learn more about her weight while at the time hoping to expose her eating disorder, but eventually develops a less hostile relationship with her.

Kelly bonds with the girls at the Olympic training center, but loses her place for the Olympic team.

When her mother, Sheila makes noise about this being a case of discrimination (since Jordan was kept and is black which is the same skin color of the coach), Kelly snaps that she's quitting gymnastics to find a new path in life and "fires" her as her mother. She shows up at the Olympic tryouts to support the girls.

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