Kaylie Cruz
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 17-18
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Occupation(s): Gymnast at Rocky Mountain Gymnastics Center

Olympic Gymnast for 2012 Gymnast at USA Olympics Training Center

Family & Friends
Family: Alex Cruz (Father)

Ronnie Cruz (Mother)

Leo Cruz (Brother)

Relationships: Carter Anderson (Ex-Boyfriend)

Damon Young (Kissed)

Austin Tucker (Boyfriend)

Nicky Russo (Fake-Boyfriend)

Friends: Lauren Tanner (Best Friend)

Payson Keeler (Best Friend)

Emily Kmetko (Best Friend)

Jordan Randall (Best Friend)

Kelly Parker (Good Friends)

Enemies: Wendy Capshaw

Lauren Tanner (Sometimes)

Jordan Randall (Former)

Kelly Parker (Former)

Genji Cho

Other Informations
Interests: Gymnastics and Singing
Education: Home-Schooled
Talent: Gymnastics
Awards: National Champion for 2008, 2009

All Around gold medalist at French Invitational Team Gold at Worlds 2011

Series Information
First appearance: Pilot
Last appearance: United Stakes
Portrayer: Josie Loren


Kaylie Cruz is one of main characters in Make it or break it. She is an elite gymnast at the Rocky Mountain and National Champion for 2009 and 2010. At the beginning of the series, her 'perfect' life with having a 'secret' boyfriend', a good and supportive coach, 2 best friends and a happy and loving parents, all crashes down.

While Kaylie is described as pretty, popular and "the girl who has everything," it is later revealed that she is very vulnerable, compassionate and kind-hearted.

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Her 'secret boyfriend' Carter Anderson, cheated on her with her very best friend Lauren Tanner. She finds out that her mother, Ronnie Cruz, has been cheating on Alex Cruz with Rocky Gym's coach, Marty Walsh. Mr Tanner has blackmailed Marty, which got him to move to Denver.  The new girl, Emily Kmetko, got a scholarship from him and after he left she just had to leave. Fortunately, a new coach came to Rocky Mountain Gym but got them all into terror. One of Kaylie's best friend, Payson Keeler, is a favourite in the gymnastics but had a problem with her back. She was in denial and did the uneven bars and broke her back. Which lead to Kaylie winning National Champion. 

Before winning, she broke her relationship with Carter Anderson, she fired her dad as a manager, and asked a woman named MJ to become her manager. MJ said, "What do you see in yourself, an elite, strong and fierce gymnast. Or a pretty 16-year-old, having a boyfriend life." Which lead to Kaylie thinking she's a gymnast and deserves to win. 

Everyone didn't believe in her, but she succeeded and learned to say no to others. MJ, her official manager hooked her up with her male rival Nicky Russo as a golden couple. She felt like in horror, especially since she had been making Payson Keeler jealous. 

Nicky Russo and Kaylie had to do a duet for being a golden couple even though they hated each other. Nicky made Kaylie cry by saying she came out of nowhere, when she had stuck to her routine since she was 6. Kaylie called him a bully, but then he apologized and said he doesn't wish she was Payson. They ended up doing an amazing duet for the 'fun night' and got Payson jealous which she left in the middle of it, and went to the wrong crowd saying to Nicky that she has a boyfriend. Later on Kaylie thanks Nicky for being out there for her, and having butterflies in her stomach since she broke up with Carter Anderson. She also said she admitted that those moments were real, he agreed. So she wants to stay away from him since Payson likes him. He told Kaylie that he was leaving since there was too much "drama". She hugged him and they said that, that isn't the best way in the world. 

Payson Keeler apologized to Kaylie about thinking that she likes him, so later on while Payson goes to 'High School'. Their having a prom, and Kaylie, Emily and Lauren are invited so they try to enjoy it. Then Carter Anderson asks for Kaylie to dance, but she rejects him and goes dancing with a unknown guy so he gets jealous and stands up to Kaylie. WORST PROM EVER!

Later on the Rock girls new coach "Sasha Belov" loses the job in getting the National team coach. Unfortunately its Marty that gets the job, and since he had an affair with Kaylie's mother, Kaylie tries to get the rock girls to make him miserable. Sasha finds out, and punches Marty. The rock girls and coach get into serious trouble so they don't make the team, exception of Lauren.

The rock girls find out that the American National team lost against China, which Lauren did a horrible job at, since she didn't have support from her teammates. Sasha invites China to verse Rocky Mountain elites. Which got the National team angry, but they had a deal if Rocky Gym wins more medals than the National team the Elites get to be on the team. 

Kaylie's manager says that it will ruin her career if she does it. They all tell her off, but her parents said that they can't control Kaylie, so they go do competition. The National team had 4 medals, while the Rocky Gym has 4 medals, Sasha tells Kaylie to do the triple twist on beam, so she can redeem herself and she does it! She wins gold and she becomes the first person in all of the world to beat Gengi Cho.  

Season 2[edit | edit source]

At the start of season 2, Kaylie is at the top of her gymnastics career but her mental state is not doing well, she kept trying to prove her self even though everyone believed in her. Kaylie, Payson, Lauren and Emily go to France for a meet and when they reach the hotel they see Austin Tucker being bombarded by fans, Kaylie insisted that they should go up to him presuming he knew who she was. Kaylie approached him and he thought she was just another fan, she was instantly embarrassed and walked away. Later that night she had gone to get ice for the room, when she was on her way back she saw Austin and a model heading her way, Kaylie picked up a telephone and turned her face hoping he wouldn't see her. Austin recognised her instantly and asked if she wanted to go to a party with him, Kaylie told him who she was and he said that he was a fan of hers but in the end, she declined the offer because she had to train in the morning, Austin replied to that by saying; "That's why I don't date gymnasts."

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