Holly Sorensen was born and raised in Montana, and was given scholarships to the Annie Wright School in Tacoma, Washington and Dartmouth College, where she studied philosophy and film.

After serving stints as a personal shopper at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York, a bartender at Wrigley Field, a cook in both the five star kitchen of Charlie Trotter and at a rural Buddhist Meditation Center, and an assistant for Gloria Steinem, she became an entertainment journalist for print and TV. Holly was the Senior Editor for Premiere and has written for Us Weekly, InStyle, O, and many other publications.

She switched careers in 2000, moving to Los Angeles and becoming the President of Production for the indie film studio The Shooting Gallery, whose movies have won Sundance and garnered Oscar nominations. In 2001, Holly was the recipient of the notable "Okay, you lazy bitch"[2] fax from author Hunter S. Thompson concerning delays to the shooting of his novel adaptation The Rum Diary. The Shooting Gallery folded later in 2001. Sorensen then began a career as a screenwriter, writing for major studios and production companies, and selling four pilots before having Make It or Break It produced in late 2008 and going to series, airing in 2009.

Holly Sorensen now lives in Los Angeles with her family and works as an Executive Producer on Make It or Break It, which premiered on ABC Family June 22, 2009 with 2.5 million viewers

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