Austin Tucker
Austin tucker
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Occupation(s): Gymnast
Family & Friends
Relationships: Kaylie Cruz (girlfriend)
Friends: Payson Keeler
Emily Kmetko
Max Spencer
Series Information
First appearance: "All or Nothing"
Portrayer: Zane Holtz

Austin Tucker (played by Zane Holtz) is the men's Olympic Champion. He begins training at The Rock, because he was inspired by how dedicated the Rock girls are. He and Kaylie don't get along because she doesn't want Payson and Emily to get distracted. He later invites the girls to a party at his lake house. Lauren, Payson, Emily and Kaylie all go, after promising not to go. Austin and Kaylie kiss at his party, after he comforts her. He also notices Kaylie becoming thinner, and tries to stop her anorexia because his younger sister had problems because of an eating disorder. He eventually brings it up to her parents, and Kaylie asks him why he's doing this. He admits he cares for her, yet he doesn't know why. When Kaylie faints on the beam during the Worlds tryouts, he catches her.


  • Austin is allergic to dogs.
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